Four men and numerous ladies were elated to add the side job of “fashion model” to their resumes. This was accomplished thanks to the combined forces of Living Resources and an organization that provides support to families with a relative facing a cancer diagnosis called Building on Love. We could not have accomplished this feat without the resources of the Saratoga Race Track in Saratoga Springs, NY that allowed an air-conditioned environment to engage in some light gambling and amazing food. The clothing was generously lent to us by the Union Hall Supply Company and the Saratoga Trunk Clothing Store that serves the Capital Region with its fashion sense. Some of the models were even allowed to keep at least one article of clothing, too!

On Sunday, August 21st, 2022 Living Resources was part of the “Tribute to Transforming Lives” Fashion Show at the 1863 Club located at the Saratoga Race Track. There were four male models and many women modeling clothes for this incredible cause. The models included our Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein; a former Living Resources employee named Christian Jones, Danielle Passariello who is a 2020 College Experience alumnus; a 2022 alumnus named Catherine Chinery; and our own CEO, Elizabeth Martin. Brian Bouchey also took the stage as a male model. His story about making a difference with Down Syndrome may be accessed via the Living Resources newsletter from March 2022. There were countless ladies who strutted their charisma and natural beauty in front of hundreds of star-struck admirers.

This goes without saying, but not all of the models are meant to do this professionally simply due to the bitter realities of that particular industry. But during this particular show, everybody had something to offer and was allowed to shine in their own unique way. Everybody felt beautiful in extravagant clothing and accessories. Therefore, they were beautiful from head to toe! Some of the people modeling clothing (even those who possess society’s definition of natural beauty) may have been told they were “ugly” in their childhoods due to the dark phenomenon of bullying that does not typically discriminate. Perhaps they also went through those inevitable awkward phases that youths endure during adolescence. (We all cringe at memories of our Clearasil years!) Hopefully this event seriously chipped away at some of these memories if they still kind of linger in our subconsciousness. Best of all, over $125,000 was raised with this sold-out event!

  • To watch the story that premiered on CBS 6 news the same evening after the fashion show concluded. Click here
  • Below is the transcript of the television broadcast that premiered throughout the Capital Region and far beyond!

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB) —At the Saratoga Race Course spectators got some world class racing and world class fashion- all in the name of local charity!

A Day at the 1863 Club Fashion Show was put on by the Saratoga Trunk clothing store.

Proceeds for the event go towards two local organizations,Building on Love and Living Resources.

Building on Love provides non-medical funding and medical assistance to families when a loved one has a cancer diagnosis.

Living Resources provides life services for those facing intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Jeff Yule, executive director of Building on Love:

“For us, we’re a small charity, a small budget. So, to have an opportunity for us to do an event like this at the track, a sold-out event! We’ve raised quite a bit of money, we’re going to get some exposure, meet new friends and most importantly celebrate people who’ve supported us over the years.”

After several months of work and preparations- the event was sold out.

Event organizers say they raised over $125,000.

  • We hope you’ll enjoy a few more photographs of this incredible event that uplifted the spirits of the models and everybody else who was involved