The students of the Volunteerism class led by Cole Chasky; Juliana Buckard; and Nick Genau were led on an Adventure in Litter Removal to beautify their surrounding neighborhoods. Litter is a reality that all of us must live with regardless of whether it makes sense or seems fair. Without constant diligence and maintenance from volunteers, it does not take long for a neighborhood to atrophy due to the actions of a small minority. The students and staff of the Volunteerism class cover a variety of social issues while trying to make societal woes better within the Albany area!

The two-hour-long class started off with a lecture and PowerPoint led by the Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein. Jesse has been involved in litter collection for nearly ten years after having seen the state of disarray that his childhood haven of Wildwood Crest had fallen into around 2014. He turned anger and disgust into action by grabbing a garbage bag to collect as much garbage on the beach as possible as fellow vacationers expressed their appreciation. Jesse explained that when trying to make a difference, we know it is not possible to literally save the whole world or even make enough of a dent that countless people will notice every single time. But in order to make a difference and do good, one must have the attitude they are saving the entire world! Otherwise, there is the temptation to not even bother.

Litter claws, plastic bags, gloves, and a bucket were provided by the staff. Then we got to work. One section at a time was tackled until the areas reached their previous level of cleanliness to match the beauty of spring’s rebirth. The class split up into two groups supervised by the staff who helped the students with their work. At least one neighborhood resident let the students know how pleased they were with this volunteer work. Our appreciation also goes out to Catherine Drake who is the Vocational Manager for the College Experience and Employment Services for working with Jesse Saperstein to arrange this day.

We are pleased to give you a photograph of one of the groups working together in order to torpedo the litter around their residence. The litter will inevitably return considering we live in a city with all types of individuals, but we will be ready for it when the time comes to get to work again!