The words “chores” and “fun” are not typically synonymous with each other. They tend to go together almost as well as “clean” and “grimy.” Nobody typically likes vacuuming, washing dishes, dusting, folding laundry, taking out the garbage, and wiping down the floors with a Swiffer WetJet Mop. But alas…they are a part of life as well as a part of being an adult in a group living situation. We can moan and groan about it while finding reasons to say…tomorrow. Or we can roll up our sleeves while scrounging for at least one way to actually infuse some fun. On that note, allow us to present an image that speaks volumes of one of our students named, Josh who managed to find his own method of “whistling as he works.”

Erin Kennedy is the house staff for one of the College Experience houses who managed to capture this perfect image of Josh in motion. In one of her efforts to show Josh that chores may not be such a…chore (excuse the forced pun), Erin put on some music as Josh was cleaning and he ended up getting really into the task needing attention at the moment. Enjoy this moment of levity that should serve as an example to all of us that “attitude determines altitude.”