Jose Galvez had quite an adventure in the Boston area where he traveled with his Alumni Activities Coordinator using the Yankee Trails Bus Tour Service. Due to a technological glitch, Jose was unable to go on the last alumni trip to Boston even though he had signed up for the event. Staff promised to take him as soon as possible so another trip was immediately planned two weeks later. In the spirit of how everything happens for a reason, Jose was able to do a lot more during this new trip than he would have during the last Alumni Adventure to Boston.

Jose visited the New England Aquarium which gave him the opportunity to observe many of the ocean’s most beautiful and exotic creatures. There were penguins all around and Jose even had the chance to try to touch a stingray (with its poisonous barbs shaved off, of course).

The aquarium was followed by lunch at Granary Tavern ( where lunch was on the staff to make up for the mix-up that occurred during the last trip. (As you can see from the stack of dishes in one of the photographs, Jose and his staff clearly won the Clean Plate(s) Club Championship throughout the entire restaurant!

Jose learned a great deal about history in one of the museums including the heroic abolitionists who protested slavery while sheltering escaped enslaved people in the City of Boston where runaways had amnesty and did not have to live in fear of being recaptured The spirit of Boston is still filled with the immortal voices of civil rights heroes such as Harriet Tubman, and the Underground Railroad also has roots in Boston. And finally, the day ended with a walk around Quincy Market where Jose visited various shops including the famous IT’SUGAR store in Faneuil Hall where he purchased a small amount of candy.

We are looking forward to more trips with the Alumni Activities Club and will always do our best to make it up to the individuals we support if things do not work out according to plan. It is an important lesson that sometimes when things do not come to fruition, the new plan is more incredible than the one that initially faltered.