It is true that Albany is informally known as one of America’s largest, and yet smallest, cities. The state capital boasts a citizenship of over 600,000 people and residents may feel like a needle in a haystack compared to those residing in a village. But it is hardly uncommon to run into the students and alumni from the College Experience within this sprawling community.

Our program’s Media and Activities Liaison randomly ran into a current student named Jaron Kooy at a local Market 32 where he was diligently working to bag groceries for his internship arranged by the College Experience. The staff member was deeply impressed by Jaron’s professionalism and has little doubt he does whatever is required of him whether it is stocking shelves or returning carts from the parking lot. We wish Jaron a great deal of success with this being just a stepping stone in his overall potential. We also wish to show our appreciation to the company of Price Chopper for giving those we work with a chance to build professional and soft skills.

Our internship program has a solid reputation for setting students up with jobs that appeal to their unique strengths and interests. Students have successfully completed internships at places like the District Attorney’s Office, the Special Olympics, and the Albany International Airport. They have a great deal of support from the Internship Coordinators of Bill Lynch, Maggie Erlich, and anybody else supporting this branch of the College Experience. On a final note…”GO JARON!!”