Jake on Graduation Day from The College Experience

Working for family certainly has its perks. But those who are hired often tend to work just as hard or even harder than everybody else to show that they belong there and nepotism is non-existent. Our 2018 alumnus Jake Siskin is working for his father, Gary Siskin who is a physician at Community Care that specializes in Interventional Radiology. Jake performs a lot of clerical duties to ensure the entire office runs smoothly. He makes photocopies, scanning, sorting the mail, and stapling. Most important, Jake is a pleasure to work with as well as a friendly face for the incoming patients to make their difficult day a little more pleasant.

Jake recently earned a “Hot Shot Nominee” submitted by an anonymous co-worker. It states:

“Since joining our team in July, Jake has been a great addition. His positivity is contagious. Jake is a hard worker, always willing to do what is asked with a positive attitude and accepts constructive feedback. Jake always has a smile on his face and brightens the day of everyone he encounters! He makes our work place an extra happy place to be!”

– Anonymous

We wish Jake a lot of additional success and accolades in his endeavors. But we have very little doubts that success will follow him well into the future!