My first blog entry is going to be about my class, Social Psychology. I like Social Psychology because I like learning about others feelings and how they will react to others. I would want to understand their personalities and why they always feel sad. I want to learn about what others are thinking of because it is interesting to know what they are thinking of. I also want to help them when they are feeling sad. What is going on in other people’s minds is interesting to me. I want to know the science of how the chemicals in people’s brains work and make them happy.


Something I learned in class is the difference between an extrovert and an introvert. An extrovert is someone who is outgoing, and I’m sometimes outgoing. An introvert is someone who is shy, and I am shy and tend to hide like a shadow sometimes. I learned about different personalities too.


I want to help people if they are thinking of something sad because it makes me feel like a good person. I know what it feels like to feel sad and upset and others helped me feel better. People also ask me what my feelings are and how I feel whether I am upset or happy. I like to tell jokes to make people laugh and feel happy and they will joke around with me. I also like to study people’s moods whether they may be frustrated about something.