Meet Jin Xin Lamb who is a 22-year-old freshman of the College Experience in the Class of 2019! He prefers to be referred to by his middle name, Xin (pronounced Shin), however. Xin went to Plainfield High School in Sterling, CT and he graduated in 2016.

At the College Experience he is learning to take buses with in his City Navigation Class and is looking forward to taking Entrepreneurship this Friday for the first time. He says, “It is a pretty good class” and is willing to try something new.

He likes to take a Self-Expressions class with his instructor, Gretchen. Xin explained that “self-expressions” means that you can talk about yourself and make up your own character. He also says that Gretchen is, “a very nice lady.” Xin Jin is the name of his character, and it is just like him but with a backwards name. But his character does not like the music that the real Xin likes.

Xin also enjoys working at the concession stand during College of Saint Rose basketball games, which he says is “out of this world and I LIKE it!  The guys I work with are just super-nice.” He helps make the popcorn, hand out sodas, and dispense beverages as well as snacks to the customers. His coworkers are using the concession stand to raise money for a baseball trip to Virginia and Xin is an instrumental factor in them achieving this goal.

Xin also plans to pursue an internship at Fed Ex Freight when he becomes a senior. He would be handling packages, loading, and unloading. Xin is optimistic it is going to be a good experience.

When asked to describe himself in his own words, Xin says “he is a very positive guy, has a good sense of humor, and a lot of crazy, good ideas.” He has three sisters and two brothers and a mom and a dad who are “good people.” Xin’s birthplace is also Yin Chuan, China.

When asked what he wants the general public to know about those with disabilities, Xin eloquently stated, “You may be disabled, but that does not stop you from doing your best.”