College Experience Holiday Shopping CDTAThere is nothing quite like giving and receiving this time of year while thinking about others who are special in our lives! Staff and students piled in the CDTA buses on the afternoon of Thursday, December 13 for some holiday shopping at the massive Crossgates Mall, a short ride from campus.

Students employed their budgeting skills and were assisted by staff when necessary on how much to buy without impulsively purchasing something extravagant for themselves or someone else (a very easy thing to do during the Holiday Season for any of us!)


College Experience Holiday Shopping Crossgates Mall


Featured in this photograph from left to right is Alek, Dan, Ryan, Pablo, and Ra’Kwon, immediately after arriving at the Crossgates Mall. Our students do not need the unrelenting chaos of Black Friday to score good deals and make positive decisions. They merely need their own skills strengthened from budgeting and financial lessons.