Holiday Card Activity

Holiday Card Decorating College ExperienceOn the morning of Friday, December 13, 2019 the students of the College Experience gathered at St. Andrews Church under the direction of their Art instructor, Fern Pivar to create some wonderful tokens of the holiday season to hand out to their friends and loved ones.

Holiday Card Decorating College Experience

This was only the beginning of a flurry of festive activities that will enrich the routines of the students until they leave for their holiday vacation. On Friday, December 20, 2019 they are going to take a trip to the Crossgates and Colonie Center Mall to purchase gifts as staff assist them with budgeting skills to make their money count toward enhancing the joy of the Holiday Season.

We are pleased to send the students back to their families with brand new skills that will hopefully aide with creating delicious Holiday meals. We are eager to welcome them back to the program when they return after the Christmas vacation and we will push forward with the adventures of 2020!Holiday Card Decorating College Experience