Historic Theatre Reopens Down the Street from Student Residences

Madison Theater Albany Sign College ExperienceThe College Experience students and alumni are fortunate to live no more than two minutes away by walking distance to a plethora of restaurants, recreational activities, and other amenities that help make life much easier while make the transition more exciting for new freshmen students. Shopping trips and budgeting lessons are also performed at such places like Market 32.

We are quite excited to welcome back another major convenience for the students in this cluster of shops, which has risen like an electronic Phoenix after being in dormancy for a long time. Back in December 2016 the historic Madison Theatre shut its doors after having been a staple within the students’ neighborhood for just under a century. On December 19th it reopened boasting a restaurant and modern conveniences such as an adjacent restaurant that serves food directly in the theatre.

We are pleased to see the return of this theatre after patiently waiting for two years. Located less than an hour walk away is the Times Union Center and the Palace Theatre where the students and alumni have taken numerous excursions to see celebrities and awesome shows. The reopening of the Madison Theatre boasted the showings of, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and “Jumanji 2”! We look forward to seeing many more films only a stone’s throw away!