Henry Helps Humanity as a Food Bank Worker and a Capital City Guide

Henry Helps College Experience Food BankHenry Fischer is a shining example of an alumnus who has risen to the occasion as far as using the skills taught to him during his two years as a College Experience alumnus. We wish to congratulate Henry for all he has accomplished in less than a year. Please draw your attention to Henry in action at his two volunteer jobs in the Albany community. He landed these volunteer positions merely weeks after having graduated from the program, and is not known for wasting time. Aside from his internal drive to reach new heights, much of his success comes from the support of his caring parents, Dennis and Robin Fischer.

The first photograph features Henry preparing many bags of food for those residents struggling to make ends meet at the Emmanuel Baptist Church on State Street. Henry is also responsible for sorting the food products in the kitchen and filling the grocery lists of recipients who come into the food bank. He has become an invaluable addition to the food pantry and is passionate about helping other.

The next photograph shows Henry hard at work in the Corning Tower at the Observation Deck of the building. Henry greets people and takes down their information before they take the elevator to the very top to gaze upon the sprawling, urban landscape of Albany.

Henry Helps College Experience Observation DeckHenry is much appreciated and respected at both volunteer sites while maintaining a professional attitude. He also loves bowling and spending time with his housemates. When not diligently working during the week to make Albany a kinder places, Henry maintains a paid position as a warehouse associate at a company called, Henry Scheine. He works on tasks that involves picking and packing animal supplies for veterinarian offices.

Go Henry! We are in your corner supporting you all the time.