College Experience German-American Club of AlbanyOn Friday, March 15, 2019 Rachael Rose, who is a College Experience senior, worked with a staff member to navigate the CDTA bus system in order to make it to a fun and delicious event at the German-American Club of Albany.

The meal was a choice of Corned Beef and Cabbage or Baked Chicken. There are continuous meals, dance events, and other fun events throughout the entire year at this club that Rachael has shown interest in attending. This will hopefully be just one out of many more events that Rachael will attend.

At the College Experience we cannot completely replicate what the students cherish and remember from home. But we can certainly attempt to help them find reasonable substitutes and remind students they may build similar memories around the Capital Region. One of Rachael’s favorite things to do in her hometown is utilizing her membership at Germania of Poughkeepsie. In fact, she even ran into a bartender/accordion player at Friday’s event who recognized her from the Germania Club in Poughkeepsie. It is such a small world!

College Experience German-American Club of AlbanyJessica Lewis who graduated from the College Experience in 2011, joined Rachael and staff by taking a Lyft ride after her shift at Hannaford’s Supermarket came to an end. For local events, we always encourage students and alumni to utilize all forms of public transportation or even walking as opposed to relying on staff for transportation. Rachael did an amazing job working with staff to understand the CDTA bus schedule and plan out the route with Google Maps. She is also a regular at the Walking Club, which will start up again when the weather becomes warmer in a few weeks.