Dodgeball Madness at the College of Saint RoseDodgeball Madness has once again returned to the College of Saint Rose in full force! Featured in this photograph is Alek Fisher posing in front of the fireplace and television of his College Experience home preparing for this annual dodgeball tournament. The foam balls are made for fun and not to inflict any injury as he played catch with fellow students and staff before the photo was captured – practicing catching the ball with one hand.

The tournament starts at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in the College of Saint Rose Athletic Center. There are different rounds the students go through until it dwindles down to two teams competing for the ultimate title of Dodgeball Madness!

Alek has collaborated with his classmate, Tor, in order to form their own team and ask other College of Saint Rose students to join them. They figured it is their last year in the program so it is now or never to compete in the tournament. Alek revealed his awesome strategy for victory. “Aim for the legs! Whenever other students bend down to attempt to catch the dodgeball it will be easier to get them in the shoulder.”

We applaud the efforts of Alek, Tor, and the rest of their peers in the College Experience to take advantage of all of the educational and recreational options during their time in the program! We will be cheering them on during Dodgeball Madness on Tuesday!