We are having a wonderful time getting to know the new freshmen students as well as helping our seniors become adjusted to the challenges of internships in the field of their preference. The College Experience has even started offering a post-graduate year for those students who desire a little more time to get the hang of things before moving onto the Transitions Program or wherever else their path takes them. The students have been keeping busy with going to class and taking turns maintaining their household chores. Despite the plethora of restaurants and Market 32 in close proximity of the student residences, the students are taught the skills to cook for themselves. They make meals from scratch or basic recipes. Here we have freshman Joseph Heady striking a pose in his house kitchen in front of a chicken and noodle dish he whipped up by himself!

The College Experience wishes all of our current students a healthy and safe fall while finding ways to enjoy the crisp weather. Our staff will continue to do whatever is possible to ensure their continuous success!