The College Experience is proud to introduce freshman student, Abigail”Abby” Censabella who is a rising star within the College Experience. Abby is eighteen and is originally from Warwick, Rhode Island. Her supportive parents are both educators and have instilled within Abby a lifelong passion for learning and understanding basic lessons of humanity that we should all adhere to such as, “just be kind and not judge what other people are going through.”

Abby tried out for the College of Saint Rose Dance team and was promptly accepted. Abby has danced since the age of two or three and attributed this passion toward helping her effectively deal with ADHD. She adds, “I worked hard to get on the team. It worked out and is fun. It was a little intimidating at first, and I think it has been a challenge. But I like challenges. The dance material has been a little more mature than I am used to so it is interesting to try new things.” The dance team typically practices during athletic halftime shows and other public events, but due to COVID-19, this has had to be placed on a back burner until further notice. When it is safe, they will resume public exhibitions and are continuing to hone their skills up until that point.

In regards to her transition into the College Experience shortly after having graduated high school, Abby states, “I was scared a little bit. It was definitely a big challenge moving away from home because I have never left Rhode Island. Life is a little stressful getting used to this whole new life, but it is otherwise good. The grocery trips are fun and just getting out with friends.” Abby believes that potential students should try the College Experience to gain life skills and learning how to be independent.

Abby is currently taking classes such as Google 101, Career Explorations, Finance, Community Involvement, and Personal Relationships. For her internships next year, she is hoping to build experience with childcare such as helping out in a Daycare Center.