We would like to express our collective joy in welcoming our latest member of the Alumni Activities Club who recently joined us at the St. Christopher Adaptive Fitness Center at the Clifton Park Center Mall in Clifton Park, NY. Anna Santiago just graduated with the Class of 2022. Here she is happily posing with the instructors and founders of the fitness center, Jomi and Theresa Perez, during her first visit on Friday, August 26, 2022! Anna went to the BARE Blends restaurant across the street with her peers immediately after her session to augment the effects of the workout routine. (BARE Blends is a highly-reputable healthy food restaurant.) We always try to teach the alumni that one can exercise all the way to the moon, but it is just going to be a hill of beans if this is not combined with smart food choices!

Anna has just entered the Transitions Program under the guidance of Suzanne Bernier who oversees the new alumni making the leap from student to alumnus. The Transitions Program allows them to continue their journey in the College Experience with moderate staff presence to supervise their independent living situation. Anna is also enjoying a promising career at Mercy Care for Kids that has provided a lot of opportunities for internships during the senior year of the students and full-time, paid employment subsequent to graduation for a handful of very ambitious alumni!

If anybody would like to take a look at St. Christopher Fitness to schedule a session for yourselves and/or those you care about who require an adaptive environment, you may do so by accessing the web page of: https://www.stchristopherfitness.com/ St. Christopher Fitness is located just down the hall from the GameStop Store and this is the address: Clifton Park Center Mall; 2 Clifton Country Rd. Store #32; Clifton Park, NY 12065 They may also be reached via the following contact information: 518-553-0099 and stchristopherfitness@gmail.com