As students prepared to leave for the summer break, we asked students and staff:“What was your favorite CEP memory from this year?” Here are the responses:

AbbyG The College Experience

Abby: I got to speak at a Living Resources board meeting about my experiences working as an intern at Dutch Manor Stables – that was really cool! I was so nervous at first to speak in front of all those people, but I was really glad that I did it!


MelissaC The College Experience

Melissa: The trip that I planned with my group to Camelback Resort was the best – I loved the indoor waterpark slides.


EmilyD The College Experience

Emily: I really loved the trip to Boston and visiting Quincy Market. There were so many different food trucks and shops – I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by all of the different choices!


MollieM The College Experience

Mollie: My favorite memory was volunteering at the Friday Knights program at Saint Rose. As a volunteer I helped children who had disabilities. I worked with the 8-10 year old age group. It was challenging for some people but not for me because I have lots of experience with my younger siblings!


SusieS The College Experience

Susie: I had fun playing mini-golf at the Camelback Resort and hanging with all my friends. I had a lot of fun at the semi-formal, too!


HenryM The College Experience

Henry: My favorite memory was dancing at the semi-formal with my friends!


MattF The College Experience

Matt: My favorite memory was of move-in day when I first arrived! I was so excited for my first day of college.


CoryW The College Experience

Cory: The anime convention was my favorite thing from this year. I loved getting to be in character as Mario in front of other people who were really nice.



JesseS The College Experience

Jesse: I enjoyed visiting Saratoga State Park, swimming in the lukewarm pool water and going for a hike!


KatieF The College Experience

Katie Fahrenkopf: I had an absolute blast teaching International Cultures this past spring. My favorite memory was when we had an “Asian tasting demo” and I prepared different dishes from China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Phillipines for the students. I was so impressed – they tried absolutely everything, even some of the really exotic and unusual dishes!


KatieH The College Experience

Caitlyn: My favorite memories were from teaching Book Club during Summer Session I – we always had a nice time.


Katie The College Experience

Katie O: My favorite memory was the safari ride at Adirondack Adventure Land this summer – we saw huge ostrich eggs, which was cool!


BillL The College Experience

Bill: My favorite memory was one winter morning when I saw three of my interns braving the snowy weather to get to their internship on time. That’s determination!


AndrewB The College Experience

Andrew: I loved taking the guys to the Bronx Zoo – they were obsessed with getting photos of all the lions, tigers and bears!


JoyH The College Experience

Joy: I loved going camping with the group – cooking food over the open fire and going kayaking was a lot of fun.


Nicole The College Experience

Nicole: My favorite memories were from our group’s overnight trip to the beach at Wildwood!


JenS The College Experience

Jen Sanderson: My favorite memories were from peeking in on everyone while at their internships and getting to see all the students’ strengths shine through!


Judy (no photo available): I enjoyed horseback riding and making homemade pizzas on Martin Luther King Day.