This class is about drawing; about the experience of drawing; and about the possibilities of looking at the world with new eyes. Students will learn how to produce a broad range of values with different materials, perspective rendering, and modeling of forms. We will look at the drawings of the Old and Modern Masters. Learn the elements and principles of art and how these principles are applied to contour drawing, gesture drawing, and modeling in drawing. Students will keep a sketchbook throughout the class to be used for most assignments including homework. Students will also experience various types of drawing tools and paper; such as Sharpie, charcoal (and charcoal paper), Conté crayon, and pastels. Some collage will be integrated with our drawings, time providing. Three subjects of the artist are portraits (including self-portraits), figure drawing and landscapes. All apply to this class. On any level of drawing a student may have profound experiences and produce work of high aesthetic merit.