Henry Medina is a loyal, dedicated, determined, and hard-working individual. He entered into Living Resource’s College Experience Program Fall of 2014. During his second year of College Experience he was expected to up hold an internship in addition to the College Experience school schedule. Henry was hired temporarily, during the school year, by a local printing and copying company in the Albany area. He worked on improving his business support skills: preparing mailers, spiraling printed booklets, organizing packages with confidential information. After almost a year at his worksite Henry wanted another employment opportunity. Henry was approached by his Internship Coordinator about an exciting opportunity at Pioneer Bank. Henry met with one of the specialists in Pioneer’s Scanning Department and was assessed on how to operate the equipment and complete the tasks. Henry was later called in for an interview and was then hired as Pioneer Bank’s Lending Department’s Document Scanner.

One of Henry’s employment aspirations was to get a job like his father; one where he could feel of value, report to work dressed for success, and independent in his job duties. Plus he always wanted to work in an office! This opportunity at Pioneer Bank presented itself at just the right time. Some of Henry’s job responsibilities include: reviewing confidential documents, verifying customer information, scanning personal documents into Pioneer Bank’s computer system, editing and rotating scanned documents, and assisting with other clerical tasks in the office. In talking with some of his co-workers, the consensus was that Henry is an absolute delight to have around the office. They reported saying that he produces quality work in an unbelievable amount of time—one person saying, “We can’t keep up with him!” Henry reported that, “I like my job because I like to be friends with my co-workers and because it is good office skills and a good company to work for!”

Pioneer Bank, founded in 1889, was originally founded on the basis to serve the Troy, New York community. Over the past 100 years, it has continued to provide upstanding financial support to its customers offering outstanding competitive rates. As it has grown it has provided jobs and opportunities to its surrounding neighborhoods. The partnership developed between Living Resources and Pioneer Bank has been one worth celebrating. Pioneer Bank is an outstanding company that strives at nothing less to make all employees feel welcomed and accommodated in all job tasks!