Employment Adventures Guest Speaker College ExperienceMeet Lauren!

Lauren is a senior at the University of Connecticut, currently studying to become a science teacher. She’s also the niece of our fellow Career Counselor, Adrienne! From a young age, Lauren always knew she wanted to become a teacher. As she grew older, she began babysitting and working at camps. Those opportunities were fun, allowed her to be creative, and made her feel like she was making a difference in the lives of the children she worked with. In college, Lauren decided to combine her love for childcare and growing passion for science to become a science teacher.

Today, Lauren joined our Employment Adventures class to share some awesome tips that have helped her prepare for the world of work. Just like our students, it took some trial and error for Lauren to learn how to plan ahead, stay organized, and manage her time well in order to be successful. One of her top tips for success is to make health and wellness a priority, because how you look and feel can make a huge impact on work performance! She recommends following a sleep schedule, starting the day with a healthy breakfast, getting daily exercise, and finding fun and healthy ways to decrease stress. Thank you, Lauren!

In a couple weeks we’re have a chef from the Albany Marriott talk to the class! Lots of fun stuff happening in Employment Adventures.

Employment Adventures Guest Speaker College Experience