Hi, Emily here for my first blog entry. I will be writing about my first internship I’ve had here at The College Experience.  EmilyDurkinInternship

My first internship was at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) after school program at Montessori Magnet School in Albany, NY. I have internship on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I get there by walking to the North Allen St. bus stop for the 12 bus. I take that bus down a few stops to Brevador St. then get off and walk the rest of the way to the school. The walk is just under 10 minutes long. I usually get to the school around 1:40pm. If the staff isn’t already there they usually get there around 2 o’clock. The school doesn’t start dismissing till around 2:17pm. I leave around 3:45 to return home.


A lot of what I do at internship is walking around the cafeteria while observing and supervising the students. We have to make sure that they are safe so I have to be observant and watch out for behavior that is against the rules or unsafe, for anyone that is upset so they can be consoled and helped, and any conflict or problems between students that need help solving. Sometimes a student or students will want you to play and interact with them such as board games and drawing. As long as there isn’t anytEmilyDurkinInternship3hing specific I need to be doing and it is not too busy, I will play with them. I learned in a childcare class that it is important to foster creativity and play because this helps them grow and learn, as well as keep them entertained.



This internship is ending soon, and next I will be working at Mercy Care at St. Peter’s with younger kids. I think I will miss JCC because I feel like it gave me good experience, but I am looking forward to the new internship too.