On the evening of Wednesday, May 3, 2023 the Alumni Activities Club piled in a car driven by their Media and Activities Liaison to attend a two-part event at the St. Christopher Fitness Center located in Clifton Park, NY. The first part of this adventure entailed a brief lecture from a licensed nutritionist named Beth who explained the key to weight loss and physical fitness is not fasting all day long to achieve a quick fix. It is small snacking throughout the day to maintain energy when it comes time for the actual workout. She stressed the importance of items such as healthy carbohydrates before exercise like apple sauce. This fun event was attended by (second to left) Jessica Lewis, Ra’Kwon Brady, Bill Fitzpatrick, and Amy Maiorano. The St. Christopher Fitness Center is run by Jomilson Alvarez (seen in the front posing with a client).

The event ended with a Zumba class provided by an instructor named Morgan Rounds where the alumni and other participants danced to songs such as, “This is Me,” from The Greatest Showman. This free event was generously offered by Jomilson and Theresa Alvarez who run the St. Christopher Fitness Center which offers modified fitness classes for people in the community who have a diverse array of challenges.