The students of the College Experience are very rarely idle, and our program is more equivalent to a scholastic beehive. Our students are on a schedule that includes academic and life-planning classes during the week; family cook nights; internships for the seniors; and recreational activities that are required for their Community Involvement classes on the evenings and weekends. On the other hand, we are always quite pleased to see our students enjoying some well-deserved downtime in their respective houses. The houses are supplied with a large television as the staff work with the students to make sure that everybody has a turn to watch something that interests them. In the spirit of not encouraging binge-watching shows all day-long, we avoid the plethora of streaming services that are readily available on the Smart TVs. We recently caught up with some of our students who were enjoying a program together on their couch. (If memory serves us correctly, they were watching Jeopardy hosted by long-time champion, Ken Jennings.) We are proud to present Justin Smith (blue shirt), Dan Sereikis (grey shirt), and Canaan Cassano (yellow shirt) chilling out on their couch on Monday, September 19th, 2022!