Director of Admissions Honored at Ceremony

Living Resources, Inc. and the College Experience would like to offer our heartfelt congratulatory wishes to Colleen Dergosits, who has risen through the ranks of the staff to become the Director of Admissions for the College Experience and has received several promotions after beginning her career with us as a residential staff.

Colleen Dergosits Director of Admissions College Experience

Image Credit: Catherine Butryn

Along with some other staff who achieved their milestone of having been with the agency for ten years, Colleen was presented with a plaque on Thursday, December 12, 2019 commemorating her service to the students we serve.

The individuals in the DCOP Department also sang Holiday carols such as, “Jingle Bells” and delicious food was provided. We hope Colleen will be with us for many years to come and would like to replicate this amazing day in another ten years with her 20-year plaque.

Our CEO, Fred Erlich was on-hand to present Colleen with her plaque, and standing to the left of her at the ceremony is Jennifer Richard who is the Director of the College Experience.