The College Experience and Living Resources would like to extend our heartfelt congratulatory wishes to Denise Riley who graduated from the College Experience in 2012.

Denise was recently awarded Employee of the Month at the Teresian House Center for the Elderly where she has been a long-time employee. This is the second time Denise has received this honor and had been selected for Employee of the Month back in 2016, too.

Denise has diligently been caring for the needs of our elderly population here in Albany with her many duties at the Teresian House in her role as a Neighborhood Assistant. She does her best to make the residents happy through food service delivery and catering to their dietary needs. Her long-term ambition is to earn the credentials necessary to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA).

We wish Denise continued success within both her personal and professional endeavors! Enjoy this photo of her beautiful award and a photo captured this past Fourth of July Weekend at Lake George.