The College Experience Walks all the way over the Hudson

During Summer Session II at Saint Rose, students go out on the 2-3 night vacations that their group planned during Summer Session I. When students aren’t out on their vacations, there are still plenty of activities and classes happening on campus and around the Capital Region, and the College Experience Program offers a wide variety of day trips.

On the Tuesday of the second week of Summer II, nine students traveled down to Poughkeepsie, NY to explore the Walkway Over the Hudson. The Walkway Over the Hudson is a steel bridge that joins Poughkeepsie on the east bank with Highland, NY on the west bank. Originally created as a railroad bridge, it was converted into a pedestrian walkway in 2009. Currently, it’s the longest footbridge in the world!
The College Experience WalkwayOverHudson7

Before venturing across the 1.28 mile long bridge, CEP students stopped to have a picnic at tables located at the beginning of the Walkway.

The College Experience WalkwayOverHudson

The College Experience WalkwayOverHudson2

After fueling up, the 9 students made the journey across the Hudson River. The students enjoyed the beautiful views of the river and the surrounding landscapes. It was a great experience for all.The College Experience WalkwayOverHudson3