Danielle Dancing College ExperienceOne of our seniors, Danielle Passariello is a testament to the attitude that even in times of upheaval, the show must go on!

On Saturday, May 2nd Danielle was supposed to perform in the Golden Knights Dance Showcase, which would have capped a memorable two years at the College of Saint Rose. Even though it was not what she had envisioned due to the state of affairs within our world right now, Danielle still found time to dance at home.

The date of Saturday, May 9th also would have been Danielle’s graduation from the College Experience where she would have walked in a cap-and-gown in front of all of her peers and family. Well…this is not the scene she had initially fantasized, but we are proud to feature Danielle celebrating the spirit of graduation in her own way at home.

Danielle Graduation College ExperienceDanielle is a reminder that sometimes the party does not go right with the circumstances around us not completely cooperating. We may still find a way to party on our own and involve those close to us even if at a distance. As Danielle put it in her own words, “Today would have been my college graduation of 2020, but I’m still celebrating it wearing my cap from high school and dressed to the 9s and wish graduates of Saint Rose the same!!”