One of our College Experience seniors, Danielle Passariello has donated her time to create an essay about her current activities at home with her family. Danielle’s senior year was interrupted just like millions of other students who must deal with cancelled graduations and other disappointments, but you will be inspired by her optimistic attitude and inspirational words!

Danielle College ExperienceI have been talking with my family and doing fun things like watching Netflix, watching TV and talking about fun things that are happening in the future. It meant a lot to me that the graduation was postponed until September because a lot of colleges were canceling and mailing their students the diplomas. Their graduations were completely canceled and do not have any answers. I am very fortunate it was told to us to give us some clarity.

I feel like I am still looking forward to doing my fundraiser even though it is postponed from the original date to raise funding for the Senior Trip. I appreciate all the help from Kelly and Jesse with doing the fundraiser and all the other students who are helping me with the project of the College Experience. Maybe we could go to a water park or Lake George or Saratoga. I want to thank all the vendors who are giving donations such as Price Chopper for giving us a thousand dollars, which was very generous of them and also my internship who gave me a gift card and all the generous companies who donated to the fundraiser such as Plato’s Closet.

I just want everybody from the College Experience and Living Resources to have a positive attitude and just keep going every single day and taking one day and one step at a time that we can move forward from this and this will eventually pass and everybody will be stronger from this. I was a little disappointed that my Golden Knights Dance Showcase was cancelled, but I understand that because they want to protect our safety. The Best Buddies Walk was also cancelled.

One of my clubs, The Golden Knights is doing online Zoom Dance Classes now so we can still see each other. I feel like the Zoom classes from the College Experience have been very helpful because it keeps us structured, and it is nice to see our friends and our staff members. It makes us feel that doing these classes is still at the College Experience in a way and still continuing with our classes and having fun with them.

Hope to see you when we return to the College Experience of Saint Rose and everyone from Living Resources, Inc.!