By Jesse A. Saperstein, Habilitation Liaison

The best part about cooking classes at the College Experience Program is relishing in the fruits of one’s labors and the pride of the very tasty, culinary creations. On that note, it gives us great pleasure to post a photograph of Jordan, Christa, and Lauren holding out their Irish Soda Bread that they created on Thursday, March 17, 2016 (a.k.a. Saint Patrick’s Day) with the help of their instructor, Judy. The food was cooked at one of our four houses located on 830 Lancaster Street. As if this were not amazing enough, they also made a green shake that tasted something that a magical Leprechaun would make to enchant people into handing over their precious gold!

The cooking classes are just one of the many ways that our students learn practical life skills that will benefit them long after leaving our program in addition to the academic curriculm that challenges their intellectual potential. As the Habilitation Liaison, I am vicariously involved in the cooking classes by serving as the designated food shopper at Hannaford’s Supermarket. One of the fringe benefits of having this extra responsibility is being offered the food created from the raw ingredients. The students never disappoint with their growing abilities, and when they return home for their various vacations then they will hopefully augment your dinner tables with their burgeoning abilities!