The College Experience supports the efforts of our students and alumni to seize continuous increments of independence and opportunities to reach their potential. Matt Fonner is an alumnus from the 2014-2016 class and an example of an ambitious role model! About a year ago, Matt decided he wanted to earn his Learner’s Permit, which is the first critical step toward learning how to drive independently. He spent nearly an entire year working with staff to study the manual from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and chipping away at each lesson. He persistently reviewed and retook the practice quizzes on the Internet until he felt confident to travel with staff to the DMV on South Pearl Street in Albany, NY. Matt’s journey is a reminder for all of us that our goals may involve countless hours of work but rewards may finally come like a thunderclap. In this photograph, Matt is proudly posing with his Interim Learner’s Permit in front of the DMV. He passed with flying colors and is looking forward to enrolling in a driving school! Matt also works at the warehouse at National Business when not working on his goals of driving and going out with his peers.