Just like nearly every other school in the nation, the College Experience has taken the precautions of sending the students home to practice social distancing with their families. We hope they are enjoying time with their loved ones despite the unprecedented and unpleasant circumstances that warranted their return home. But the staff at the program have been utilizing technology to remain in touch by devising a modified curriculum to ensure that the students remain engaged with their instructors and peers for the rest of the semester. This initiative has been spearheaded by our academic coordinator, Kelly Weiss and augmented with the help of the entire staff. The show must go on even if the production must be somewhat modified!

The staff has been working with the Zoom feature on the Internet that allows us to create online meetings that may be attended by many students at the same time. Over the past two weeks we have developed classes related to Employment; Aerobics; Yoga; Kickboxing; Drawing; Health & Wellness and Self Advocacy & Empowerment. There is even a class called, “Dole’s World” led by our instructors, Dominick Brown and Cole Chasky. (The title, Dole is a hybrid of the the names Dominick and Cole!). These classes are voluntary and do not come with projects or final examinations. This is something that we wish to do for our students to remind them that we have their back during this battle all of us are collectively fighting throughout the world.

We wish them well as they hopefully continue helping their families with cooking and cleaning, which are skills they have garnered during their tenure at the College Experience. We look forward to the day when we are able to welcome them back to Albany. In the meantime, the program will come to them through Zoom Meetings. Stay tuned for more blog entries regarding the new classes and fun adventures the students are having with their families.

Mike Zoom College ExperienceIncluded with this post is a photo of senior Michael Mortensen during his first class in Self-Advocacy & Empowerment this past Monday, March 30, 2020!