One of the greatest adventures we enjoy in the College Experience is going out into the community and as far away as Boston! When the Local History class visited the Schuyler Mansion on Friday, September 14, 2018, the preserved artifacts raged against our modern realities of iPhones and Netflix streaming. The students were brought back to a time when the urban chaos of buildings were not even a distant fantasy, and sprawling farmland comprised the Capital Region.

Some of the artifacts, such as the Schuyler Family’s Dutch Bible, are as old as our nation itself! The students even visited the guest bedroom where George Washington himself once slept, considering he highly respected Philip Schuyler and honored his contributions to our once-fledgling nation. The Schuyler Family was extremely wealthy and were able to import fruit from exotic lands, which was a symbol of their status at the time considering they were able to obtain fruit that the other locals had never even seen before.

Our students remained quite professional and asked meaningful questions throughout the field trip. We are quite pleased to have adjunct professor, Michelle Brown instructing the Local History class and appreciate the other staff who always help out during these field trips! The Schuyler Mansion is located on 32 Catherine Street; Albany, NY 12202 and you can visit their website, for anyone who is interested in exploring this local treasure.