Each spring semester as a culmination of all of the skills that freshmen learn in their cooking classes, students go head-to-head in a competition known as “Clash of the Cooks!” Each year, a new theme is chosen by staff – this year’s theme was “Quesadillas.” Then, using the theme, each cooking group works with their instructors to find (and often modify) a recipe and learn to cook a dish that fits within the theme.

Every group prepares their unique dish to bring to a meeting of the cooking classes. All participating students and staff members then have a chance to sample all of the dishes and vote for their favorites. Dishes are judged on three categories – presentation, overall taste, and the uniqueness of the dish.

This year, we had some amazing contenders! Here are the quesadillas that were presented to the judge’s panel:

ClashoftheCooks2William Eggspeare: A breakfast quesadilla comprised of eggs, fresh veggies, and chives grown in the College Experience garden.

Big Apple: A desert themed apple pie quesadilla, served with whipped cream!

Southwest Frittata: A gluten-free quesadilla, made with corn tortillas, eggs and southwest flavor.

Pepperoni Pizza: A crowd favorite, with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and chopped pepperoni.

Fruity Chocolate Thunder: A gastronomic experience, with Nutella, strawberries and cinnamon.

After a lot of deliberation (not to mention, second helpings), everyone was able to vote and the winners were chosen, but it was a tough race!


Best Presentation: Willam Eggspeare

Best Overall Taste: Pepperoni Pizza

Most creative/unique: Big Apple


Congrats to the winners! Clash of the Cooks is a really fun way each year to practice new skills, try to recipes, and celebrate accomplishments in cooking. We are really impressed with our freshmen (soon-to-be seniors) class this year!