On the date of Friday, May 11, 2018 our students and their proud relatives gathered around an enormous tent at one of the College Experience houses to acknowledge the culmination of a two-year journey. Staff brought and served a veritable smorgasbord of delicious food including a ginormous cake! The day belonged to the seniors who are about to embrace an upcoming transition that is exciting and occasionally frightening as it is for anyone. Some of the seniors have chosen to remain in the Albany area and will continue their path under the auspices of Living Resources, Inc. in the Transitions Program and to enjoy the amenities and job opportunities the Capital Region has to offer. As staff, we will continue being a part of their lives and assist to the best of our ability.

The staff presented a yearbook to every student that were promptly passed around for staff and their peers to compose congratulatory messages immortalized by the permanence of a Sharpie pen. The students celebrated while anticipating the euphoric experience of walking across the stage at the Times Union Center to receive a diploma while donning their caps and gowns.

It is goodbye…only not! The alumni are encouraged to remain involved with the program and join the activities arranged by the Alumni Activities Club. Even if students choose to go their separate ways and do not continue with the Transitions Program, they are always welcome to be part of the activities. There is also the Summer I and Summer II sessions that begin after a weeklong vacation with family. Students will take classes such as Public Speaking and shall travel to numerous places such as Lake George and Howe Caverns.

The young adults who received their well-deserved diplomas on Saturday, May 12, 2018 are not the same students that entered the program just under two years ago when they were reacting to a plethora of dramatic changes and uncertainty. Success comes in increments with the inevitable and short-lived relapses. The students will hopefully understand that if they have achieved this much in two short years then there is no telling what the future will infuse in their souls. We look forward to allowing the students to take the lead in planning their summer trips and educating us on how to help them make the most of what is left of their college experience!