We have the privilege of continuing to work with our full-time social worker, Allison Fuller who is providing ongoing support to the

students during this unprecedented time of their student careers! Among the multiple hats she wears, Allison is serving as one of our educators and is currently teaching a Character Strengths class this semester.

One of her recent classes focused on the “ripple effect of kindness” and she showed a YouTube video titled, “The World We Make.”  The essence of the video is that one act of kindness inspires someone else to pay it forward and someone else after that.

A student brought up a story about how she was spending time with her best friend who confided that was is having a rough time with her mental health. The student explained, “Sometimes it is good to tell someone something encouraging such as ‘I got your back. I have been here before. It is going to be fine.'”

We surely have a great deal of kindness among our students and kindness is definitely something that comes in handy during these difficult times. In a perfect world, kindness would be the only thing right now that would be highly “contagious!” The class ended with one of the students, Ryan Peterson showing a PowerPoint about some of his favorite Marvel superheroes and their respective character strengths that extend beyond their physical prowess. We always like it when our students choose to use their special interests to illustrate the points we are trying to emphasize in our lessons. Attached is a still shot from one of Allison’s slides and Ryan’s presentation demonstrating the traits we help refine within our students.