Celebration of Holiday Cheer and Hand-Crafted Ornaments

The students of the College Experience gave themselves an early taste of the holiday euphoria that awaited them when they began their vacation one day later. On Monday, December 23, 2019 staff and students gathered at one of the houses to have their annual holiday party!

Holiday Celebration College ExperienceThe first photograph features students making use of the craft supplies that our art instructor, Fern Pivar provided the program and everyone got to work in the kitchen creating ornaments for their loved ones. The rest of the students congregated in different parts of the house sampling the delicious food that was provided for the occasion or chose to watch the Matthew Broderick-Danny DeVito movie, “Deck the Halls” while playing board games.

As the students near the end of their vacation, we are eager to welcome them back to the program for a spring semester filled with valuable learning experiences as we inch our way toward more spring-like weather in 2020.

Included is a close-up photo of the multi-colored Christmas ball ornament meticulously painted by freshman student, Malasha!

Holiday Celebration College Experience