Special Olympics College ExperienceThe College Experience and the Transitions Program would like to offer our most sincere appreciation to the Special Olympics branch located on 94 New Karner Road, for being so supportive of Sam Nam during his first year as an alumnus.

Sam completed his volunteer duties on the date of Thursday, March 12, 2020 and everybody celebrated his tenure by ordering lunch from Panera Bread. Sam has contributed his skills in the form of a clerical worker organizing files, entering data, and making copies for the regular staff members among other duties required of him. Sam also worked diligently on his last day entering Microsoft Excel data into a laptop from a paper spreadsheet. Sam’s supervisors, Danielle Armstrong and Ryan Miller have contributed much to our talented athletes within the community who have been allowed a chance to shine.

We wish Sam a great deal of success in his future endeavors and are excited to give other alumni a chance to volunteer within the Special Olympics while participating in the plethora of sporting events!

Special Olympics College Experience