For a recent Employment class, we were happy to welcome Caren Passariello, who is the mother of our College Experience alumnus, Danielle. Caren has had a long career working in retail and was generous with telling us about her journey toward meaningful employment.

The path toward employment did not happen overnight, and there were definitely bumps in the road here and there. Sometimes life happens when we are making other plans, however. With that said, Caren never expected to work in retail. Her first job was a bank teller before ultimately deciding to work at the department store, Kohl’s when she became a little older. Caren has been working at Kohl’s for six years now and claims to be happier here than she was trying to find her place in Corporate America.

The theme from Caren and the other guests of the Employment classes seems to be that it is normal to make mistakes. Caren explains, “Most mistakes can be corrected and it is alright. Own up to it, and do not try to hide it. If you get panicky about it, you are causing yourself stress that does not need to be.”
Caren also spoke about some important advice for job interviews such as dressing for the part.  As Caren puts it, “There is an appropriate shirt for hanging out and going for pizza. Make yourself respectable.  When you dress more confident…mentally you feel it.  If you know you are going for an interview at Kohl’s, read up on the place.”
The best advice that Caren gave toward the end of her time with the students is that, “Part of life right now is being flexible.”  This is excellent advice we may all adhere to at this very moment in our lives!