We are back at Splashdown Beach! After two years apart…we have returned, and it felt awesome in a multitude of ways!! This is arguably the most popular trip of the summer, and we were able to safely make it happen this year. The alumni piled in the van as staff drove three alumni to Fishkill, NY. Posing in the Splashdown photo (from left to right) is Mia, Jose, and Jessica! Splashdown (https://www.splashdownbeach.com) is known as, “America’s Biggest Little Waterpark” and is a veritable “Six Flags Great Adventure” of aquatic thrills. Justin Bieber even performed in that waterpark while getting his start in the music business.

It turns out that Mia’s younger sister, Jenna once worked at Splashdown and had created a lingering reputation for herself by being a model employee! The staff treated us like royalty and shared pleasant memories with Mia about her sister’s contributions! The day was cloudless and the wave pool showered us with physical memories of what we had missed during times of quarantine. During moments we preferred a milder sense of excitement…the alumni chose to lay back on a tube to let the artificial Lazy River take them around the park.

Afterwards, we made the trip to a popular local diner in Fishkill, NY called The Daily Planet for our last adventure before returning to the Capital Region of New York State. There is still a potent dose of summer left, and we will capture whatever we can throughout the following weeks!