We pride ourselves on how the Alumni Activities Club is completely led by the alumni themselves! The Volunteer Coordinator is merely on hand to provide transportation when necessary and work with the alumni to see if the proposed activities are realistic. We do our best to go on some amazing trips that bring the alumni outside of the Capital Region area for new adventures.

At the beginning of summer, Denise Riley and Jessica Lewis asked for an overnight trip to the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. We decided to make this happen at the start of August by signing up for a trip with the Yankee Trails Bus Line that picked them and the Volunteer Coordinator up in the Pet Smart parking lot located at Crossgates Commons Plaza. The ladies enjoyed their time on the bus getting to know other passengers and playing trivia games to win lottery tickets as prizes. Once the bus arrived at the hotel, Jessica and Denise wasted no time with regard to maxing out their brief stay at the beach. They engaged in some light gambling on the casino floor and lounged on the beach in between exploring some of the nostalgic rides that will be forever synonymous with beachside boardwalks!

Jessica and Denise were kind enough to invite their Volunteer Coordinator to join them at a popular restaurant called, “Chickie’s & Pete’s” in the Tropicana Casino located at the other end of the Boardwalk for dinner. The trip ended with a leisurely breakfast at the Resorts Casino before arriving early at the bus terminal for the trip back to our beloved state capital.

“Tough times do not last. Tough people do!” We are looking forward to exploring other opportunities for the alumni to travel that are safe and fall within all the current guidelines enforced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).