Amy Maiorano College ExperienceSince I have been home with my family during the Coronavirus, I have been keeping busy. We have been hiking at Lakeside Park in Pawling, NY. Two celebrities made movies there, and some of them live there. And then when I have been home me and my family did Paint N’ Sip at my house and my sister took a fun video to see how we paint correctly.

We have been spending more time together since we cannot leave the house. We have been relaxing, and I have been helping out by being independent at home by doing chores. I have been taking pictures for a hobby to keep me busy since I am not working right now. At my job when I was working I am a teacher’s assistant, but the kid’s parents call me a counselor. I have been there for three years. I worked with the kindergartners because they are easier. Whatever they need me to do I help out in the classroom. It is called, “KidsLit” and I love my job, but the transportation is out of the way.

I have great co-workers that are actually my friends. My co-worker, Bonnie is also my friend outside of work who takes me out in the community. We hang out with her friends outside of work, too.  We go to Funny Bone comedians. It is free because we get tickets off Facebook. One time I went to a live band in Latham, NY. My friend, Tori who used to work at the Y has a camp house in the Adirondacks and Bonnie picked me up. I just have great friends from work, and I like all of my bosses because they are flexible with me and my schedule. Two of my bosses are named, Jack and Stephanie W. Alisha is my supervisor. Matt Skaarup is the director and they are all great people who know I have a disability, and they work with me.

I am an alumnus of the College Experience, and I used to go to the College of Saint Rose through the College Experience program. It is a life skills program and we did life skills stuff. We did cleaning, cooking, and we did tests of cooking meals. We did bus transportations tests to see if we could pass it. And the great directors who run the program are Colleen Dergosits and Jennifer Richard.

I wish the college went longer for me because I have a hard time remembering certain things. It helped me make great friends. Now I am in a program called, “New Beginnings.”  I have a great coordinator, Michelle Long who is a really great person. She helped me get some classes from Wildwood Programs that I had never heard of, and it is all great services. I got a therapist at Clearwater from her, and I love all of the services I am getting. I am thankful, and I think people need to pay people more who work with disabilities.

People who are scared about the Coronavirus…stay home…don’t go out to restaurants…and stay away from the residents so they do not get it. Just be healthy and stay positive. We will get through this together if we all listen.

Amy Maiorano College ExperienceAmy has provided us with two photographs from her hike at Lakeside Park located in Pawling, NY on Friday, March 27, 2020.