The College Experience always loves it when the students and alumni we support end up forging new unions as far as friendship or romance. On that note, Amy Maiorano and Brendan Salmon are pleased to announce they are now a couple! The first time their paths crossed was March 11, 2019 at an event organized by Jesse Saperstein who serves as the program’s Media and Activities Liaison. They saw Heather Kuzmich from America’s Next Top Model speak to the program and remained in touch ever since.

Brendan and Amy have provided us with some beautiful photos of the day when they officially decided to become a couple. They made their decision at a picnic that they both organized on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Jennings Landing ( Amy graduated from the Class of 2017 and Brendan is part of the Class of 2019. We wish them a lot of success as they embark upon their new adventure. There will be some challenges as there always are with any friendship or romance. But in the end, there are also plenty of rewards as well as new experiences that should benefit both of them in the future! The following is the touching letter that Brendan wrote to Amy all by himself:

Amy, I am so glad that we met each other from the College Experience Program when I was a senior in 2019 when we started connecting for a little bit. I was so happy to become your friend. I was amazed that you made me happy since we started talking in December. I was a lot happier when you gave me advice about stuff, and it made my day happy when you put a smile on my face. I was glad that you started including me into things, and you always make me happy every day. I am so glad that I found someone who always cares about me and is kind to me. You inspired me in my life and have always been a great person to me, and it makes my day so special, too! I would like you to be my girlfriend.