The College Experience and its extensions serving our alumni always stress the importance of volunteering within the Capital Region while simultaneously pursuing gainful employment. An example of an alumnus who has made incredible strides is Shannon Clark from the 2015-2017 class who has been a steady volunteer at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society since last January.

College Experience Mohawk Hudson Humane SocietyFeatured in this photograph is Shannon posing with her mentor, Jackie Ferrell as they were in the middle of sorting donated items. She typically helps out every Tuesday and Thursday. Shannon has a plethora of duties within the complex such as cleaning the litter boxes for the constant stream of incoming cats waiting to be adopted by caring families. The following words are recent feedback from Jackie about Shannon’s progress and contributions within the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. Go Shannon!!

I want to let you know Shannon has been a great help at the shelter. She is enthusiastic, always cheerful, willing to help wherever help is needed, and so reliable! I suggested that she mentor with other volunteers so she expands her experience and learns from others who can teach her things I might not think of or know, and she has been helping others the past couple of weeks. I hope her experience has been as good for her as it has been for us.