College Experience Alumnus Lands Two Volunteer Opportunities

The College Experience and Living Resources, Inc. wishes to congratulate Nick Williams who appears to be on a roll, which is a huge understatement! In a single week, Nick has managed to have two successful interviews at the Palace Theatre and the Guilderland YMCA to become a volunteer.

Nick is an aspiring actor and has been seeking opportunities to hone his talents as well as become immersed in the thespian world. He had a productive conference with two associates of the Palace Theatre in Downtown Albany who are looking into possibilities to allow Nick to serve as an assistant usher and help out with their Family Fun Days, when the Palace Theatre screens films for young children during the summertime.

Nick has also received advice from a popular Hollywood character actor named, Bruce Altman who has had prominent supporting roles in films such as Changing Lanes, Matchstick Men, and Girl Interrupted! Nick’s staff will continue to work with him to achieve these dreams along with the support of others in the Capital Region.

College Experience Alumnus Lands Two Volunteer Opportunities

The second photo features Nick; his Volunteer Coordinator, Jesse Saperstein; and the YMCA Membership Coordinator, Lisa Wolcott. This image was captured immediately after his interview.

On Saturday, March 2, 2019 Nick completed his first volunteer shift at the YMCA and was met with rave reviews by the regular staff. Nick is responsible for scanning and welcoming members into the complex. He also assists the staff with the much-needed task of cleaning the equipment.

Nick graduated from the College Experience in May 2018, and he is making strides with contributing to his local community as well as keeping busy as an alumnus. He has also performed work at The Eddy, which is a care center run by St. Peter’s Hospital for senior citizens.

The College Experience continues to be proud of the successes achieved by alumni such as Nick and are always pleased when they choose to continue their journey under the auspices of Living Resources, Inc.!