Jose College Experience American Red CrossThe journey of the students within the College Experience extends well beyond the two years making wonderful strides as a freshman and senior. We are especially grateful to the surrounding community of Albany for providing supports beyond the auspices of Living Resources, Inc. One of these venues that has been consistently kind to the College Experience is the American Red Cross that is responsible for giving the gift of life and helping people get back on their feet after a crisis.

Jose and Jesse College Experience American Red CrossOne of our alumni, Jose visited the American Red Cross building located on Everett Road. Jose is in the process of applying to become a new volunteer. Casey Garvey who is one of the coordinators was kind enough to provide a tour of the premises, and a regular volunteer named, Margaret also showed him the ropes. Our Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein came along for additional support and even donated a pint of blood so Jose could practice assisting an actual volunteer!

Jose is one of our busiest alumni who is currently spreading himself between weekly volunteer work at the Guilderland YMCA and mastering employment skills at the Central Florist Shop. All of us at the College Experience and Living Resources, Inc. wish Jose a lot of well-deserved success with this new adventure and have little doubt he will serve as a dedicated volunteer based on his past and current contributions within the Albany community!