The College Experience would like to show our sincere appreciation to the “Our House” social group for creating such wonderful excursions enjoyed by the alumni of the College Experience as well as many others who are living with special needs around the Albany area. One of their most recent excursions was at Riverview Orchards located at: 660 Riverview Road; Rexford, NY 12148 ( Unfortunately, Colin Allyn who is the leader of “Our House” was not able to attend due to the fact that Hurricane Ian prevented him from returning on-time from his vacation in Orlando, Florida. He was with us in spirit as the group went apple-picking, took a tour of the premises, and was even allowed to pick out a free, miniature pumpkin from their patch. We even had the chance to feed some goats in their collection of livestock!

Our new 2022 alumnus, Anna Santiago was in attendance and may be easily be identified with her sunglasses at the front of the hay wagon. We have also included a photograph of Anna’s Media and Activities Liaison, Jesse Saperstein (on the right with the triangle on his red shirt) balancing a pumpkin on his head with no hands. As you can see…he has some company from other participants of “Our House” trying to master the same unique skill!

We are looking forward to many more events with “Our House” and other organizations that lead tours around the surrounding area like the Yankee Trails Bus company.