Macbeth Alumni Group College ExperienceThe Alumni Activities Club had ventured out into New York City once again to take in some culture, talent, and new friends. Nick Williams, Mia Carr, and Bill Fitzpatrick were escorted by staff to a small theatre where they saw a play titled, “beth.”

The show was a take on the Shakespeare masterpiece, “MacBeth” that used limited props and scenery to deliver a jam-packed performance. Samantha Elisofon (second to left in the smaller group photo) played one of the Weird Sisters a.k.a. a witch). Samantha is one of the stars of Epic Players, which is a neurodiverse theatre group composed primarily of professional performers with disabilities. Samantha is also on the autism spectrum and was one of the romantic leads in the feature film, “Keep the Change,” which won a major award at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017.

Macbeth Alumni Group College ExperienceSamantha has been an invaluable mentor to Nick as he pursues his own thespian ambitions here in Albany under the tutelage of the Blue Horse Repertory Company.