College Experience Rocketman

The Alumni Activities Club had an incredible time traveling through the CDTA bus on the evening of Thursday, May 30, 2019 to watch the new Elton John biopic, Rocketman, at Crossgates Mall.

College Experience RocketmanThe movie was a vibrant and often-anguished portrayal of a living legend who actually performed a couple of miles down the street from the College Experience this past March at the Times Union Center. Featured in this photograph are College Experience alumni, David Lieberman and Mariah Velvis. Mia Carr also attended who has been a longtime attendee of the Alumni Activities Club and enjoyed the movie.

As many of you remember, David is the first alumnus to become a staff member at the College Experience and was recently promoted to full-time status. On the way home we discussed some of the messages of this incredible film. For example, money and super-stardom does not typically purchase love, family unity, and most important… happiness.

We are looking forward toward taking full advantage of the beautiful weather that will offer a plethora of new options for alumni activities such as trips to Lake George and SplashDown Beach!