It is that time of the year again! It is when the decent weather is in a constant state of limbo while we milk out the crisp days remaining of our Indian summer. It is also a time to rekindle old childhood rituals from the days of pre-Halloween hysteria. With that said, the alumni chose to make their next Alumni Activity at Bowman Orchards where they went pumpkin picking.

Nick Williams, Mia Carr, and Rob Corso ventured out into the pumpkin patch to find their perfect pumpkins. There are pumpkins found in the local supermarkets of all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, it is much more satisfying when we pick it out ourselves from this year’s harvest. Afterward, everybody enjoyed autumn-related goods such as apple cider donuts at the orchard’s general store.

We have much to look forward to in the future as the Coronavirus cases hopefully continue to drop and the world continues to open back up as we head into the Holiday Season!